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Book of Extended Abstracts

Book of Extended Abstracts


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SESSION 1. Overview, Economics and Statistics

  1. Opening speech - Table and dried grapes: non-alcoholic products of the vitivinicultural sector intended for human consumption.
    B. Iasiello

  2. Old and new competitions in the world trade of table grapes.
    A. Seccia, F.G. Santeramo, G. Nardone

  3. The development of table grape industry in China.
    Y. Fang, Y. Ju

  4. Factors affecting the profitability of table grapes in Chile.
    C. Cruz, D. Ljubetic, A. Miquel

  5. Overview of table grape production in Peru.
    A.C. Zamorano

SESSION 2. Genetic Resources & Variety Novelties

  1. Opening speech - Is it worthwhile protecting table grape varieties?
    S. Borrini

  2. Historical genetic diversity of Armenian table grapes and their economic potential.
    M. Dallakyan, A. Yesayan, S. Esoyan, I. Manukyan, N. Hovhannisyan

  3. Table grape breeding at the University of Arkansas USA: progress and challenges.
    J.R. Clark

  4. Table grape breeding in Chile: genetic improvement for disease resistance and quality traits.
    E. Torres, A. Ibacache, B. Defilippi, P. Cid, P. Barba

  5. New table grape varieties of IMIDA-ITUM breeding program for the word.
    M. Tornel, C. Mellado, M. Serrano

  6. Results of comparison of bunch and berry traits of some commercial foreign and Iranian grape cultivars in Urmia, Iran.
    H. Doulati Baneh, M.A. Nejatian

  7. Grape and health.
    R. Milella, M.F. Cardone, M. Gasparro, F. Alagna, D. Antonacci

SESSION 3. Innovation in Plant Protection

  1. Opening speech - The analysis of pesticide residues on table grapes: analytes, techniques, quality and safety parameters.
    M.R. Taurino, F. Gallone

  2. Control of the European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana, in Apulia by mating disruption technique.
    G.S. Germinara

  3. Efficacy of Beauveria bassiana based insetticide (Naturalis®) on table grape against Frankliniella occidentalis.
    A. Guario, V. Lasorella, M. Benuzzi, F. Fiorentini, E. Ladurner

  4. Isonet® PF: a step ahead in the control of Planococcus ficus Signoret (1875).
    E. Ladurner, A. Iodice, F. Savino, M. Bertuzzi

SESSION 4. Biology and Physiology of Production

  1. Opening Speech - Molecular regulation of flower abscission and fruit set on table grapes.
    S. Domingos, J. Fino, V. Cardoso, O.S. Paulo, C.M. Oliveira, L.S. Goulão

  2. Fruit set of cultivar Regal responds to source-sink manipulation.
    V. Nuzzo, R. De Bei, A. Carlomagno, N. Briglia, G. Montanaro

  3. Temporal dynamics of carbohydrate reserves in grapevine in the sub-tropics.
    K.C. Dahal, S.P. Bhattarai, D.R. Oag, K.B. Walsh

  4. Nitrogen distribution in vine organs of Italia table grape over three seasons.
    A.M.S. Matarrese, A. Mazzeo, C. Pacucci, C. Lasorella, A.D. Malerba, D. Mondelli, G. Ferrara

  5. Assessing the blue water footprint and water use efficiency of Vitis vinifera cv. Crimson Seedless in South Africa.
    E. Avenant, G. N. Kangueehi1, J.H. Avenant

SESSION 5. Improved Cultural Techniques

  1. Opening Speech - Covering vineyards & table grape production and quality as related to the use of agrotextile fabrics as new climate control cover and reflective groundcover.
    L. de Palma, P. Limosani, G. Vox, E. Schettini, D. Antoniciello, F. Laporta, V. Brossé, V. Novello

  2. Quality of grape grown inside paper bags in Mediterranean area.
    R. Di Lorenzo, A. Pisciotta, S. Giacosa, L. Rolle, D. Brucculeri, P. Scafidi

  3. Influence of plant growth regulators on ‘Autumn King’ table grapes under two training Systems.
    A. El-kereamy, M.W. Fidelibus, D. Obenland

  4. The technical research on table grapes under two-crop-a-year cultivation in southern China.
    G. Cheng, T. Xie, R. Wen, Y. Zhang, M. Cao, R. Guo, X. Cao, X. Bai

  5. Technical Speech - Use of new information technology platform to optimize application timing of bud breaking products.
    G. Marrollo, B. Valmori, C. Bargellini, S. Fontana

  6. Technical Speech - First field studies to evaluate the efficacy and crop safety of VBC-30151 (10% S-ABA) for berry thinning of table grapes in Italy.
    C. Grenouillet, M. Schroeder

  7. Effects of mulching and irrigation management on vine growth and yield of ‘Italia’ table grapes.
    A. Mazzeo, A.M.S. Matarrese, C. Pacucci, C. Lasorella, R. Torres, G. Ferrara

  8. Soil management effect on organic Sugranineteen (Scarlotta Seedless®) table grape quality in Apulia region.
    G. Masi, G. Debiase, D. Di Gennaro, A. Amendolagine, G. Gentilesco, L. Tarricone

  9. Effect of deficit irrigation and canopy management to advance fruit maturity of Scarlet Royal* in the Coachella Valley, California.
    C. Gispert, W. Peacock, D. Obenland

  10. Technical Speech - Effective of Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum var nova on table grape production during a three-year experimentation.
    F. Fernández, J. Juarez, E. Nicolas, A. Bernabe, F. García, J. Alarcón

  1. Effect of a combination of three biostimulants on Flame Seedless grape quality in the Berg River Valley Region of South Africa.
    J. Strydom, A. Bender, J. Avenant

  2. Return fertility of Vitis vinifera cv Prime as affected by GA₃ application methods and volumes.
    L. van der Vyver, E. Avenant, J.H. Avevant

  3. Effect of Potassiun and etephon on color, anthocianins and bunch quality of cv Red Globe (Vitis vinifera L.).
    M.B. Pugliese, Y. Guzman, G. Vox, C. Doña, F. Kerman, L. Bustos, D. Pacheco, M. Femenia, L. Storniolo

  4. Application timing and concentration of abscisic acid improve color of Selection 21 Embrapa seedless grape.
    R. Koyama, S. Roberto, R. Colombo, M.W. Fidelibus, D. Cantu, A. Waterhouse

  5. Physiological effect of Timorex Gold® on berries color uniformity on table grapes.
    D. Blachinsky, C.Arroyo, G. Las Heras

  6. Brassinosteroids: A new tool for improving the quality of ‘Thompson Seedless’ table grapes?
    A.G. Pérez-Donoso, A. Vergara, M. Torrealba, J. Antonio Alcalde

  7. Effect of bunch trimming in Red Globe grape cultivated in soilless condition.
    R. Di Lorenzo, A. Pisciotta, P. Scafidi

  8. Technical Speech - Valagro solution to increase fruit size in table grape.
    S. Fontana, G.Marrollo, G. Di Tommaso, A.D. Sgrignuoli

  9. Uva.net: a Decision Support System for sustainable table grape production.
    M. Fioretti, V.A. Romito, S.E. Legler, V. Rossi

SESSION 6. Updating in Post Harvest

  1. Opening Speech – Flavor in table grapes: what's beyond sweet and sour and how it is affected by storage.
    I. Maoz, T. Kaplunov, E. Lewinsohn, A. Lichter

  2. Role of transcription factors in the beneficial effect of 3-day high CO2 pretreatment during postharvest storage at low temperature of table grapes.
    I. Romero, M. Vazquez-Hernandez, E. Alegria, A. Gonzalez de Pradena, M.I. Escribano, C. Merodio, M.T. Sanchez-Ballesta

  3. Evaluation of quality parameters of 'Italia’ table grapes kept on the vine compared to cold storage in air or in modified atmosphere packaging.
    M.L. Amodio, F. Piazzolla, S. Pati, G. Colelli

  4. Influence of packaging on the quality of cold-stored grapes packed into boxes for later repacking.
    D. Obenland, Chang-Lin Xiao, J. Smilanick

  5. Sulfur dioxide emitting films used in table grape packaging and their performance under California conditions.
    J.L. Smilanick, T. Hanke

  6. Combined effect of Modified Atmosphere and innovative Sulphur Dioxide emission devices for table grape preservation in consumer pack.
    S. Caceres, K. Cleave


Poster communications

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SESSION 1. Overview, Economics and Statistics

  1. Table grape production regions in Bulgaria.
    P. Petkov

  2. Growing table grapes in Bulgaria: conditions, development, problems & results.
    I. Mateev

SESSION 2. Genetic Resources & Variety Novelties

  1. Early ripening table grape cultivars ‘Springlight’ and ‘Honeylight’ bred in China.
    S. Zhao, Z.Guo, C. Liu, J. Yuan, B. Han, M. Li

  2. Table grape Dalmasso crosses: main berry chemical traits. (ID VI/9 and ID XI/2).
    A.Ferrandino, O. Kedrina, A. Carlomagno, V. Novello

  3. Rootstock evaluation for new table grape cultivars in the São Francisco Valley, NortheastBrazil.
    P. Coelho de Souza Leão, J.I. de Souza Rego, J.H.B. Nascimento, E.M. de Carvalho Souza

  4. Yield performance and fruit characteristics of seedless table grapes genotypes in the SãoFrancisco Valley, Northeast Brazil.
    P. Coelho de Souza Leão, J.I. de Souza Rego, J.H.B.Nascimento, E.M. de Carvalho Souza

  5. Effect of chemical treatments on germination of Alphonse Lavallée x Regent hybrid grapeseeds.
    H.I. Uzun, N. Ozer, M. Akkurt, C. Ozer, S. Aydin, B. Akturk

  6. Breeding Alphonse Lavallée and Regent for downy mildew-resistant table grape genotypes:Comparing seedling shoot growth under white and blue LED lamps.
    H.I. Uzun, N. Ozer, M.Akkurt, C. Ozer, S. Aydın, B. Akturk

  7. Italian table grape genetic improvement: the new approach and challenges.
    S. Somma, A.Carlomagno

  8. Genomic and transcriptomic tools to study the molecular bases of inter-varietalphenotypic differences and develop new tools for grape breeding.
    M.F. Cardone, C. Bergamini,R. Perniola, L.R. Forleo, D. Antonacci

SESSION 3. Innovation in Plant Protection

  1.   DiPel® (Bacillus thurgiensis var. kurstaki) for the control of Trimen’s false tiger moth, Agoma trimenii.
    J.Y. De Waal, C.M. Morris, A.P. Malan, S. Johnson

SESSION 4. Biology and Physiology of Production

  1. Pollination, berry growth dynamic & composition flux of cv Qzl ouzum (Vitis vinifera L.).
    H. Doulati Baneh

  2. Differential sensitivity of grape varieties to abscission agents not related to ethylene biosynthesis.
    M.W. Fidelibus

SESSION 5. Improved Cultural Techniques

  1. Response of Thompson Seedless and Timco seedless to different levels of irrigation,under plastic cover.
    G. Selles, G. Marfan, R. Ferreyra, C. Salazar, V. García, C. Montano

  2. Microclime and phenology of Thompson Seedless cultivated under a permanent plastic cover in central area of Chile.
    C. Salazar-Parra, G. Selles, C. Montano, G. Marfan, V. García

  3. Delayed planting and two-crop-a-year of ‘Kyoho’ grape in Southern of China.
    X. Cao, A.Chen, T. Xie, Y. Zhang, J. He, Y. Song, B. Qin, G. Cheng, R. Guo, X. Bai

  4. Vine performance and postharvest quality of Italia table grape in response to cane girdling.
    L. Tarricone, G. Debiase, G. Masi, M. Giannandrea, G. Gentilesco, D. Di Gennaro, A.M.Amendolagine

  5. Assessing UAV and satellite images for precision agriculture in irrigation for Flame seedless table grapes.
    C. Balbontín, M. Odi, R. Ballesteros, M. Moreno, D. Hernández, A. Calera, G.Selles, A. Ibacache, A. Zurita

  6. Estimation of water requirements and Kc values of ‘Thompson Seedless’ table grapes grown in the overhead trellis system, using drainage lysimeter method.
    C. Zuñiga-Espinoza, R.Ferreyra, M. Odi –Lara, G. Selles

  7. Long-term influence of rootstocks on growth, yield and fruit quality of Flame Seedless grapes grown in northern Chile.
    A. Ibacache, P. Barba, E. Torres

  8. The effect of foliar application with Potassium silicate and Zinc sulphate on some elements in two cultivars of grapevine under saline conditions.
    H. Dolati Baneh, A. Hassani, M.H.Sadaghini, N. Abbaspour

  9. Application of a specific inactivated dry yeast to Muscat Hamburg cultivar in a Mediterranean climate: effects on vine performance and grape quality.
    D. Petoumenou, E.G.Xyrafis, I. Dimakis, F. Battista

  10. Colour of Crimson Seedless as affected by different ethephon and s-ABA treatment combinations and application methods.
    J.H. Avenant, F.J. Calitz

SESSION 6. Updating in Post Harvest

  1. Effect of standard packaging material on the performance of SO2 generating pads in controlling postharvest rot on table grapes.
    S. Pols, F.A. Vries