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Abstract submission

Deadline: 28th February, 2017            submit an abstract now



The abstract must be no more than 4000 characters and spaces.


The title should reflect the important aspects of the paper as concisely as possible, in no more than 120 characters and spaces.


Include the full name(s) of author(s). The given name of authors can be either written out in full of listed by initials. The family name is always presented after the given name. Accents are to be retained in names so not to violate their spelling rules.
The corresponding author is to be denoted with an asterisk (*). The name of the presenting author is to be denoted with a double asterisk (**).
Institutional affiliation and postal address is to appear below the names of authors. For multi-authored papers, the institutional affiliation of each author is to begin on a new line. Use numbers in superscript (1, 2, 3,..) to link each author with their institutional affiliation.
Details for the corresponding author should include Telephone, Facsimile number and Email address.

Background and Aims

Include a clear statement of the problem, outlining the reasons for the investigation, a brief review of previous work directly relevant to the subject, along with the scope and purpose of the investigation.

Experimental Procedure and Results

Describe the experimental procedure briefly, yet in enough detail, to enable repetition of the work. Concisely state the key results in the text and present supporting data in tables, graphs and illustrations.

Discussion and Significance of the Study

Interpret the results and propose possible explanations for the results. Pay particular attention to discussing the implications of the results and resolution of the original problem. Conclude with a concise statement about the possible applications of the new knowledge.


Note the source(s) of funds and include personal acknowledgement of assistance from individuals.


References are to be listed alphabetically by author’s family name. All authors of a cited article must be listed in the References section. A reference cited in the text of the abstract is to appear by author family name and year in parentheses.


All abstracts must be submitted in English.


All information is to be expressed in metric S.I. units. Do not use descriptions such as boxes per hectare.